dear friend --

this is a letter to ask for your help with a project i am aiming to do in the year 2010.

i am going to ask 11 friends (& you are one), in all sincerity, this question :

what would it be useful, to you, that i write about?

your response could take the form of a question -- the request for a definition of a term -- or a set theme --

but in general i would prefer to leave out expectation, and defer to your judgment --

of course, if you find yourself disinclined to take part, i understand entirely --

but i do sincerely hope that you will consider, & reply --

i'd be happy to furnish any elaborations on my request that you might require --

& i hope this finds you very well --

love -- david _________________________________________________________________________

my question/concern for you, david, is a selfish one

lately i have been unable to write because i am unsure of poetry's significance outside of the "community" and i want what i spend my time doing to be socially/politically engaged.
why do i spend so much of my physical, mental and emotional energy on poetry, when it often seems that this energy would be better spent directly engaging the issues poetry talks about/around? is my engagement in poetry a sign of cynicism and escapism? am i running on bad faith?

so i guess my question for you, david, is how do you deal with these questions on your end? how do you think of poetry's capacity to reach people besides poets and to maybe try to do something in the world?

[Alli Warren]